A Way Forward


A Way Forward was initiated and inspired by Achim Steiner’s Future of Development (FoD) COVID-19 High-Level Strategy Lab dialogue hosted on 22 April & May 12 2020. It expands on the ongoing exploration of the Future of Governance, led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Dark Matter Labs.

Commentary on A Way Forward

Many individuals in minority communities or poor communities have had to depend much more on one another to survive and thrive and have a much deeper understanding of the importance of community and human connection.

- Anne-Marie Slaughter – CEO, New America

The great change in mentality around inequality is that it is now everyone’s problem. This means your personal and institutional interests - whatever your sector or discipline – is directly affected by inequality.

- Constanza Gomez Mont, Founder and CEO, C Minds

A sustainable relationship with nature is a sustainable relationship with society itself, they cannot go separate ways.

- Luiz Alberto de Oliveira – Curator, the Museum of Tomorrow

We need to talk about what the right institutional environment is for innovation: what are the right structural conditions and what are the right legal frameworks, but if you don’t invest in human capital, if we don’t invest in talent, if we don’t think about the people in the equation, it becomes very difficult.

- Beth Simone Noveck - Director, The Governance Lab

Cities have become the centers of human resources and of the new post-industrial economy, and their political importance/ political weight continues to be less than their real power. I think this contradiction will be the driving force of a lot of political conflict, political change, and political transformation in the future.

- Ekaterina Schulmann – Political Scientist, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

The way our economy is built is not sustainable to start with, because our economy is built on the complete exploitation of people and resources. And so, I see the only way out as a completely different mechanism.

- Reem Khouri – Co-Founder and CEO, Whyise